Send flowers in honor of a loved one.

Lyndahl Funeral Home and Cremation Services is pleased to offer the convenience and ease of on-site fresh flower and green plant selections to family members, friends, neighbors, and co-workers.

If you would like to place an order, please note the code number of your selection and call us at 1-920-499-1223 or 1-800-873-1350. Please note that all flowers and plants are subject to 5.5% sales tax.

Under $50

Code: TCA 8-11
Price: $50.00
Gladiolus Arrangement

$50 to $75

Code: TCA 21-21
Price: $54.00
All Foliage Arrangement
Code: TCA 18-11
Price: $70.00
Mixed Flowers Vase Arrangement

$75 to $100

Code: TCA 8-21
Price: $82.00
Carnations in Traditional-Style Arrangement
Code: TCA 14-11
Price: $87.00
All White Gladiolus Arrangement
Code: TCA 16-12
Price: $92.00
Pink/Purple Stacked Arrangement


Code: TCA 12-21
Price: $105.00
Traditional Display in Papier-Mâché Container
Code: TCA 24-12
Price: $105.00
Summer Mix Basket Arrangement
Code: TCA 34-21
Price: $105.00
Ginger/Anthurium Arrangement
Code: TCA 2-11
Price: $185.00
Mixed Red Tones Basket Arrangement
Code: TCA 2-12
Price: $231.00
Mixed Purple Tones Fireside Basket

Green Plants

Code: TCA 41-12
Price: $48.00
Dieffenbachia Foliage Plant
Code: TCA 47-13
Price: $55.00
Gardener’s European Garden
Code: TCA 44-11
Price: $64.00
Flowering and Foliage Assorted Plants
Code: TCA 40-11
Price: $87.00
Braided Ficus Tree